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Zedd//Day 1


-At least two hundred girls are going to have the same top as you on 1/3 days
-You have a right to look like a flower hippie child despite the stereotype
-EVERYONE NEEDS A RAVE BUDDY!!!//(Meeting Taylor was one of the highlights of my weekend. Thanks for helping a girl not get crushed by large sweaty men in a sea of people. I’m sad I didn’t see you again since your phone got water damage during Skrillex! Sorry lovely!)
-Riding on guys’ shoulders is a must for AT LEAST for one act//who the fuck knew they were able to transfer girls from one to the other while getting shoved around.
-Thanks to the guys who protected the shit out of us when the pits opened up its harder to protect yourself when you’re suffering from dehydration
-“Drink up sweetheart”
-He said, “Youre gonna have to suck his dick if you drink anymore water”
-Random bruises will show up
-Make friends!!!
-Share a blunt
-Politeness from you earns you politeness right back
-Insoles are a must because nobody likes walking home barefoot looking like you drank too much
-Some girl started punching herself in the stomach because she was too drunk and felt sick. Don’t do that.
-Shower. Every fucking night. Or your clothes will smell so bad it’ll be hard to breathe.
-Bring hair ties to share!! Girls will thank you for it later.
-Dance your ass off.
-Hooked up twice aye



white people be like

these strawberries are so spicy they burnt my upper lip off

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I like house music wayyyyy more than I thought I did.

Happy 420 on 4/20 bitches (:

Also. The best fucking confidence booster was walking by a group of guys and turning heads and hearing one of them say, “Oh my God, hey you’re gorgeous girl”

Like thank you for that, cute Coachella guy. I needed that. Even if it was a haphazard compliment

I’m sorry that my posts this is weekend will mostly be text posts and set pictures. But Coachella so……

If you get annoyed πŸ˜” I’m sorry!

Alcohol or a blunt someone fucking give me one

I accomplished my Coachella weekend mission of hooking up

And so my journey to Coachella begins

"I hope one day
Your human body
Is not a jail cell,
Instead it’s a sunny
2pm garden with daisies
Thriving because of
Self love."

- Alexa Evangelista (via knittings)

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Haha fat chance. I’m.going home with a friend Sunday if you’re not staying the entire time. You’re insane.



every friend group has a mom